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Speaker Charlie Moore visits Alba

On Wednesday 14th December Alba members were treated to a presentation by Charlie Moore from Eastwood Camera Club.

On the first half of the evening Charlie took us on a journey from when he first began submitting prints for competitions to one of his present day photographic interests - underwater photography.

As a GDPU judge himself he explained that beginners should not be afraid of submitting prints, but infact should enjoy the experience and learn from the feedback received. He also added it was important to enter an image not just to try and please a judge but to please yourself.

Charlie's very own first submitted print scored 10 points, which was mounted on the back of what looked to be the backing of a cornflake box but was developed himself. Charlie learned his own developing technique at high school but now cuts his own mounts as well as do his own printing, occasionally however using professional printing services.

Charlie ended the second half with a stunning slideshow of his underwater photography hobby, showing photographs of exotic fish from locations such as the Caribbean, Egypt and Tenerife.

Alba would like to thank Charlie Moore for his very interesting and entertaining evening.

Alba PS is now closed for the Christmas holiday season and will resume again on Wednesday 11th January. We would like to wish all our members and GDPU member clubs a very happy Christmas and New Year.