Digital Image 1 Competition Results (19th October 2016)

On Wednesday 19th October Charlie Moore from Eastwood Photographic Society was the host judge for Alba Photographic Society's first digital competition of 2016.

Charlie aside from being a prominent member of his own camera club is also an active committee member on the umbrella group Glasgow and District Photographic Union (GDPU), for whom he is an accredited photographic judge.  Charlie specialises in underwater camera work and has taken stunning underwater pictures from as far apart as the Sound of Mull to the Caribbean.
Alba PS would like to thank Charlie for judging the first competition of the new season. Charlie's comments were interesting, constructive and informative, giving Alba members a few ideas on how to improve their images.

Red Kite
Red Kite

1st place (Advanced) by Matt Blackhurst

Tall Ship
Tall Ship

1st place (Intermediate) by Bernadette McDonald


1st place (Beginner) by Elaine McDonagh

Congratulations to all winners!

Full results with winning images in all categories can be seen in our Competition section.